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carpe diem

Hey, Sup?

Oh sweet merciful heavens a vacation!!!! lol. Sure the entire Sovey family will be there and its a wedding with a theme but as long as they pay the bar... VaCaTiOn!!

I'm ready to be done with school. I have senioritis. My last class... and I just want to get through it. It doesn't help that I'm not all that interested in my minor and the class is random and half taught by us the students.

I just want to get student teaching over and done with too. I really hope the cooperating teacher is fun and relatable. That will help for sure.

I was job hunting... South Boston anyone??? Ugh, wouldn't that be nice right? I can't wait to pick where I'll work and live next. It's just so exciting to even think about :)

Anyway, I really need this vacation. It's nice that my dad is driving us too. I was going to rent a car but man, this is way nicer. lol. No worries :) Plus, the booze is paid for on Saturday night!!! Woooo! I hope the dj plays Cupid Shuffle. Oh I will shuffle my ass off!

And this is just the first of three planned vacations!!!

We had the wedding shower last weekend at my dad and Eileen's house... soooooo awkward. There were only ten of us and it was just weird because everyone is kinda mad at everyone else for something wedding related lol. Don't you just love weddings?!

Other than that I'm goooooood. I realize I don't write in this too much when I don't have things to complain about or something... either way... I just felt like typing on this computer... The third Mac to be set up in my room. Why? I dunno... no idea... just cuz.

Anywho, good wishes all around...

Later Days :)