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Freak myself out

And Sigh

Just took my last teaching methods test for PE. I have a certification "test" for Water Safety Instruction left then one summer class I just paid for today (highway robbery). I walked out of class really relieved. Those methods classes are brutal. Write five lesson plans... Write five pages on classroom management... Write a two year curriculum that touches on all Michigan Content Standards and you must include this that and the other thing. I wanted to kill my professors... then I remembered they have to write me a reference letter first. Ugh.

I feel pretty good about my summer class. Everyone says its a mild version of what we have already done but with health as the subject. Plus some of my PE friends are going to be in there and my fallback partner Amy who I always work with will be there too lol. Til the end.

I had a bathing suit moment yesterday... I'm returning all of them. I decided this yesterday and went out and spent all the refund I'd get on summer jewelry lol. But seriously the necklace, bracelette and sunglasses are to die for and every piece goes together on some level. Very girly I know. Get over it.

I love my new iPod touch too. Not quite an iPhone (yet) but pretty close. I love checking my email whenever and having my school, events and Corey's work schedule all in my palm. Thanks moosher!

I'm trying to feel optimistic about this summer (work wise) and this fall for student teaching. I just want to know if my placement has anything to do with the scholarship. I'll get over it I know and I'll be a much better teacher, class management and discipline wise, in the end but Detroit Public Schools? I did say I'd do it for money (what a whore) so... will somebody please show me the money?? lol. I guess you can get some compensation for student teaching lol.

I have another scholarship banquet to go to in two weekends. That was nice. Its only a few hundred dollars but every lil bit helps.

This weekend I go to Lansing to prep for MYLead again!!! I'm really excited. I felt very overwhelmed last year not knowing the routines and being brought on so late that I missed training... This year I am going to be a killer GF!! My kids will love me and hate me at the same time... The theme is Jungle so I think I might make my kids all wear jungle animal tails all weekend as their group identifier!!!!! HA. Stop me.

Anyway, I was really crabby yesterday and got mad at things (and people) for no reason and hopefully now that this class is off my back and I am trying to focus on all the vacations I have planned, the five weekends of housesitting I have set up and all my other summer plans... hopefully I can just sit back and smile and enjoy the last summer before I spend it job hunting and/or moving and/or planning!!!

Later days ya'll!!



You make some good points above.

You make some good points above.
However, I also think that this can be helpful to you:
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