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Mar. 20th, 2008

i rule

Wish I had some peeps!

I got to teach my lil brother John's first grade class yesterday!!! It was so much fun. He helped me all day, gave me an apple for lunch and acted like a model student all day. lol. His teacher came in the last ten minutes and was really cool. She set up a really awesome lesson based around the book "Mrs. Nelson is Missing" and the kids wrote their own book about how Mrs. Collar was missing. It was fun. And I had an aid because there is a blind student in the class... She was spunky and fun! Every time I got overwhelmed she made a joke and brought me back down to earth. Then John and Dad took me out for pizza and a beer... Exactly how a teacher should be treated!!

Still waiting on my placement for student teaching. It makes me crazy so I try not to think about it.

Kurt is home though so that's nice. He's been a riot this visit. He's wearing his uniform to hooter's tonight... good idea really lol

Corey and I are housesitting all next week for my cousin Kelly. Partay! lol

I guess I'm done. Everything else is little. Wanna shop, homework sucks, want a gym membership for the summer, want more sleep... the usual lol.

K. Later days!!

Feb. 25th, 2008

Make my head hurt

(no subject)

Obesity more dangerous than terrorism

I just had a really crappy twenty minutes...


Feb. 24th, 2008

smack you ok?

Mmm Mmm Good

Things have been good but busy lately.

Valentine's Day was good. Corey and I went to Abuelo's and ate our lil mexican lovin hearts out lol. The next day we made grilled salmon and fettucini alfredo for mom and don. Saturday we took his parents out to Olive Garden :) we ate so good!

We house sat for Jen and Gary. That was fun. Since all my districts were on winter break, we had sun. mon. and wed. off together.

I even got to sub for my step sis before winter break began too. I played with pipe cleaners and clay lol. Art is fun!

I took this friday off too. Mostly because the only job available was for a media center lady. Eh. Instead I stayed home and got 2/3 through my 60 page curriculum project. It rocks. Who teaches rock climbing, yoga and kickboxing? Oh, Miss Sovey does!

I've been ordering a lot of resource books for my PE collection. They're really cool and Corey even got me two Adventure Ed books for Vday. I have so much reading to do!!!!!!

Today I cleaned some old clothes out of my closet and cleaned all the boxes under my bed. It was good. I made a bunch of food too lol. Tomato bisque soup from a salesman at GFS. Yum. With some garlic dipping bread. Then I made some chocolate chip banana muffins!!! Oh yum!

I start another class tomorrow. WSI training for Red Cross. I need it for student teaching so... Eh. It'll make my schedule a lot more hectic by filling two of my week nights I usually do schoolwork and spend time with corey. :( But I need it and soon all my WSU classes will be over. I'll be student teaching for a while... Then I will be a full fledged teacher!!!

But one step at a time. For example, right now, I'm going to finish my soup, eat a muffin and then read for Judy's class

Later Days

Feb. 3rd, 2008

Freak myself out

No more cake!

So these are what I was working on this week. The top one is a princess castle for Evelyn's bday. She had a princess tea party where all the lil girls dressed in princess dresses and ate cake and goodies lol. It was really cute and everyone loved the cake.

The second one was for Sara's christening today. The angel below was "decorating" the cake lol. And they and the starts were all edible.

But man am I tired of cake lol!!

Oh and kurt sent some pics from Afghanistan. He has a myspace too that he is putting them on so if you want look him up :)

Jan. 21st, 2008

Study time

Yellow House with the Red Door

Happy MLK day... Because of it I have school off and work off since today is one of my "subbing" days lol. Sitting home working on my sixty page assignment lol. I've got requirements 1-4 out of 21 done lol. Oi to the vay.

This semester is starting to feel a bit overwhelming. Just lots of practicums. Some I have to schedule myself and others are planned and arranged for me. Its just annoying to try and find time to go and do these outside of class. Hopefully I can get up the nerve to eat in the teacher's lounge next time I work at a high school and make some connections so it will be easier lol.

Took my MTTC PE Major test. I finished first... not sure if that is a good thing. lol. It was easy and mostly common sense. I had to drive all the way out to Rochester but it was good. Better than taking another MTTC test in Detroit. I even saw a few classmates.

Now that that is out of the way I can start studying for my Health Minor test lol. WOoooo HOooo!

I just have to keep thinking that it's almost over. And next year will be eye opening and enlightening and thrilling and scary and helpful. And the big yellow house with the red door... that makes me smile too. It's all leading towards something wonderful :)

Jan. 6th, 2008

Hate is easy


I started booking subbing jobs!!! I have a kindergarten full day and a first grade all day planned. Tomorrow is my first day and I'm so nervous and excited at the same time that I could squeal then puke. lol. I have my "subbing purse" all packed with the things they suggested and a few other things I think I might need. I know it will be rough at first and lord help me if I have to teach math or science. It's been too long to expect me to do either of those too well lol.

I'm going to the MAHPERD convention planning meeting too over the 11th and 12th. That'll be fun. We're discussing how to incorporate students who have no or little experience in a classroom. Which is why I'm going lol.

Then five days later, the lady I am carpooling with is interviewing me for her scholarship lol. Riiiight. Cause that's fair. Hopefully sitting in the car with her for eight hours will give me an edge and calm me down for the interview lol.

Kurt called yesterday and said he'll be home for 18 days in March. Just in time for mom's bday which will do her some serious good. lol. I miss him.

New Years Eve was fuuuuuun. Corey and I went to Jen's and played kid games with adult drinking rules lol. Lets just say someone was up all night paying for their poor performance in playing Monster Under the Bed. lol. And the fact that this person mixed three or oh five different alcohols lol. Lesson learned. :) Pics up soon (not the bad ones though lol I'd be shot for that)

Anyway, I'm really enjoying 2008 thus far. I didn't make any resolutions but I did decide to live a lil differently. Just a few bendable guidelines. I've also decided to really pursue some things I've always wanted to do. I'm planning on taking a few continuing education classes at Macomb. A fitness class, there is a stock class I might take and then cookie and candy basket making classes. I just enjoy that stuff (not the stock one I just want to be informed lol) and I feel like knowing more lately. I'm almost done with school and I just feel smart and empowered and very proud of myself I guess.

Well, I hope everyone else I know and don't know who might be reading this for no reason is doing well and continues to do well. Later Days!

Dec. 30th, 2007

i rule

Ka Boom

Got to talk to Kurt today. That's always nice. He made it to Afghanistan and he and a few other guys were sent to the camp ahead of time to prep everything. He said it's a boring station. His job, the pic above, only got to fire three times in the past four months. He said he plays cards a lot already lol. I'm going out to get him a few things he asked us to send him. He's changing bases in a few months to work with the Special Forces then coming back to his original base. Pretty cool. I actually can't wait til he gets an internet hookup so he can send us pics of everything.

Anywho, I went out the other day and spent most of my gift cards. Got an awesome outfit for New Year's Eve and some new pants for teaching. Speaking of I got my letter from PESG so on the seventh I can start booking jobs. That'll be great. :) I also dropped a class already and opted for the half semester version of it so I can work an extra day at GFS and save for the dreaded student teaching lol.

Anywho, later days and I hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve!!!

Dec. 24th, 2007

i rule

Merry Christmas Eve!!

I've been enjoying myself the past few days. Work was hard with all the business and working everyday, unloading truck, at six am. But I had yesterday off and today as well so... I've been catching up on sleep. lol

I even called to get a haircut before New Years but they had an opening today for my girl... now my hair is done for Christmas! lol. Especially since I broke my flat iron and then lit my blow dryer on fire lol. Poor hair hasn't been done properly in like two weeks... buy man I look good now... enough of my own horn

Wrote Kurt an email just a minute ago... we all miss him and it sucks not having him here for Christmas but I'm trying to be prouder than I am sad.

My dad was in the hospital for a day which doesn't help but he's home now so thats good. The man needs to eat much better and work out more. A little of each does nothing but give you an excuse to blame outside sources for your health.

Anyway, I just hope everyone has a good Christmas and an even better New Years!! I'm so excited for this New Years party and the gifts I asked for for Christmas that I could pee!!

Corey and I already exchanged as well as us and mom and don. I got some awesome stuff and some great "teacher stuff" for subbing and student teaching. I guess I'm just very grateful for all the things I do have and I don't want to dwell on the things I don't have.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!


Dec. 19th, 2007

smack you ok?

(no subject)

Kurt... is in Kyrgyzstan... where dude? K let me google that...

I had no idea there was a Kyrgyzstan. Cool. lol

Dec. 16th, 2007

i rule

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and snow!!

Though I am not thrilled with the snow... it has been a really nice day.

Yesterday we went to the cookie exchange at Dad and Eileen's. It was a lot of fun. They added a potluck this year and it was sooooo good. lol.

Today I have all to myself. Corey is a Apple all day and I finally get a chance to clean my room, bake some more cookies for me and lay in bed watching tv and sipping on some soup.

Tomorrow, assuming the snow stops, we're going to Bronner's. We went last year, Corey's first time there, and it was so much fun. I love Bronner's and he loved Birch Run Outlets as well as Freeway Fritz's Frankenmuth chicken (and chocolate pudding!!) So I'm excited to go and walk around and window shop all day. I have to work all the rest of the week (early mornings) so it will be nice to do something special on my day off since I sat around all day today!!

Anyway, hopefully I will find a cute outfit for the New Year's party we were invited to. I'm excited for that too. I liked staying in last year but Jen and Gary's is gonna be a blast. Rotating drinking games and a bonus round of wearing the dog's shock collar!! lol.

Anyway, I'm gonna go make some holly cookies for... me. :)

Later days

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